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You are loyal to people you trust. You are trustworthy, once you have given your word or commitment, you will make it happen. You know what you want and understand how to get it. Your high and well defined value set make it a please to deal with you.”

Sakkie Buys, Principal Specialist

Process Automation Systems, Sasol Group Technology

“Your strongest ability is communication with other people. Making other people feel at ease when working with you.”

Jan Kooyman, Commissioning Manager

Process Automation Systems, Sasol Group Technology

“You are a very, very intelligent, straight forward person that knows how to get the best out of people and how to handle them, as well as yourself.”

Hough Delport, Senior Specialist QA&QC

Process Automation System, Sasol Group Technology

“If you set your mind on something, you go for it 110%. You make sure everything adds up and if it doesn’t, you find out why. You are well connected and establish good networks. You believe in a well-balanced life and value your family tremendously.”

Maritha Youell, Senior Electrical Engineer

Sasol Synfuels

During my early career years working under you, I discovered that you are such a passionate individual, great leader, goal-driven, and willing to go an extra mile for young engineer’s development.”

Simiso Gumede, Manager GDP

Control and Electrical Engineering, Sasol Group Technology

“You are professional with extensive knowledge and expertise in your field. Your friendliness and leadership qualities make you an asset to any project. You are organized and at the same time adaptable when circumstances change. You are a problem solver and don’t require micromanagement. Your greatest asset is that you truly care and will go the extra mile to assist anyone.”

Retha Groenewald, Copywriter

“I think you are a strong woman with a very clear goal of what you want out of life and your career. You don’t hesitate to make decisions, without being impulsive, and when you have the relevant information, you do what is necessary to execute your plans. I think you are talented in a variety of fields. You are creative, intelligent and inquisitive. You enjoy a challenge mentally and physically. You are honest, loyal, hardworking and adaptable.”

Elma van Heerden, Stay at home Mom

“You have the ability to listen and understand other people’s needs. You voice your opinion. People give audience to you. You will definitely not be swallowed by the crowds. You are uniquely you and one of a kind.”

Carin Smith, Marketer and Professional Photographer

“You can analyze and summarize a situation quickly. You are very assertive and affectively verbal. You have more perseverance than anyone I know. You have first-class time management skills; you are never late. You are pro-active, you plan ahead. You are spontaneous and friendly. You can positively motivate people. You are effective; you do not like to struggle. You do something and get it done.”

Frieder Endrejat, Lead Electrical Engineer (PhD) and Husband

Sasol North America and Home