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You know how difficult it is to generate leads for your business. How do you get your clients interested and informed about your products or services?

I write Lead Generation campaigns in the form of emails to promote your offer (White Paper, Webinar etc). I generate the landing page to capture the lead’s information and write the follow-up emails for lead nurturing and to display your loyalty and support.

With this Lead Generation campaign, you will achieve the following for your business:

  • Getting clients interested in new (or existing) products or services.
  • Promoting upcoming webinars or road shows.
  • Capture Lead information for possibilities in future business.
  • Keep your customers informed and up to date on changes and successes in your business.

To promote your specific offer, contact me for a free quotation on a Lead Generation campaign.

To see a sample of a promotional email, landing page and follow-up email, visit my Samples page, or click here.

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