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My name is Carika Endrejat. I’m a Senior Control Systems Engineer and a Copywriter.

I have 11 years’ experience working in the Petrochemical plant environment.

Brushing shoulders with panel operators and maintenance teams gives me the advantage to know how they think and what they need from the Control Systems to perform their daily tasks.

I also have a Master’s in Engineering Management degree. This enhanced knowledge brings together the technical side with the management side of a business.

I have a full rounded knowledge of the engineering process together with the required services related to Control Systems and Instrumentation in the factory industry.

I am a certified AWAI copywriter and very passionate about writing.

With a background like this…

I understand the technical and business requirements to write persuasive copy, which results in

  • Writing high quality case studies to convey your business’s success stories.
  • Generating persuasive white papers about products and services that generate leads and exposure for your business.
  • Promoting products and services with emails and landing pages

What do I write about?

My focus is on any control system that is used to manipulate a certain process to perform a desired task. This will include Distributed control systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), and Emergency Shutdown Systems (ESD).

Critical equipment such as Compressor Control systems is also included. As well as the Instrumentation and services related to the processes.

It also stretches further to the Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems which includes the Alarm rationalization system.

If you have a request on for a product or service not included in my focus area, we can discuss that.

Contact me today to discuss your project for a free quotation. There will be no obligation to use my services after the proposal.

To see which B2B services will be perfect to help your company advance, visit my B2B Services page.